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FIND Art Magazine

This is one of our home projects. We created the entire brand from nothing. The name, brand identity, print and web magazine issues, event advertisements, social media marketing, gallery showroom, banners, signage, website, e-commerce, and much, much more...

May 30, 2013

FIND Art Magazine is on a mission to find artists by offering them more exposure to more people. With a strict rule to never feature the same artist twice ensures that every issue is equipped with an entirely new group of artists. Every issue you pick up will be completely different than the last one. The pages themselves are sized conveniently to fit standard frame sizes with full bleed artwork, making more art more accessible to more people. Even if you can’t afford the high cost of fine art, you can now take a page, frame it, hang it, appreciate it and collect all your favorite artists as the issues get released. So sit back and follow us, share us and stay tuned as we FIND Art!

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