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We’re not human

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  • Neight Adamson

    Chief Creative Director

    A gifted artist and designer combined with a creative flow that never sleeps. Fueled by energy drinks and his morning comedy routine, he lives, eats and breathes the creative process.

  • Skip Snead

    Co-Creative Director / Sr. Copywriter

    An enchanting individual with a relentless sense of humor and short attention span. Everyday he comes to work always saying he’s got the next big idea.

  • Paul Galido

    Director of Technology

    Considered a master with the most relevant technology, he plays the world-wide-web like a finely tuned piano. It’s not easy to become #1 on Google. Well… for anyone else that is.

  • Mike “Tewsr” Duncan

    Sr. Art Director

    Born with a pencil in one hand and a paint brush in the other, he takes mere ideas and turns them into exaggerated realities. He always delivers a visual ray of sunshine for us all to soak in.

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On May 27, 2013

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